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Who We Are

Life Lab is a women’s wellness studio and social club offering a dynamic range of both group and individual classes designed to ignite creativity, mindfulness and soul work. Classes and experiences are led by our distinguished team of teachers including licensed psychologists and therapists, certified health and wellness coaches, crafters, artists, healers and experienced passionistas. Life Lab members are guided through holistic classes and creative experiences to unearth their life’s purpose and to manifest self-love.

Life Lab is a sanctuary just for women. Here, women have the opportunity to connect and grow with other enlightened women in our community.

We are a modern day gym for your soul located steps from the ocean in beautiful Hermosa Beach, CA.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a mindful, creative sanctuary where women are inspired to create a life they love, a life of purpose and passion. Through self-exploration practices and guided creative experiences, Life Lab empowers women to acquire the skills and confidence they seek to reimagine, rejuvenate and reignite their spirits in their own sensational way.


Our Core Values

Empower women

Develop mindfulness

Create lives worth loving

Explore through creativity

Unleash passions/purpose

Reimagine happiness

Inspire through mentorship

Support through sisterhood

Be a Force of Good by giving back


How it all began...

Life Lab was founded by licensed psychotherapist, Tristan Coopersmith, in 2016. Although, Life Lab was brewing in Tristan’s soul long before that. Rewinding to the late 90’s, Tristan was in Seattle spending her time working in marketing and mentoring at-risk teens until her intuitive talents were spotted by an executive at Time Inc.  Tristan’s life was immediately catapulted into the fast lane and over the next couple of decades, she worked a glamorous yet soulfully depleting job as a trend forecaster in the retail, fashion and entertainment industries. After experiencing a spiritual awakening (preceded by a cliche how-the-hell-did-I-get-here!? bathroom breakdown), Tristan sought out a more enlightened path. It became clear to Tristan that she needed to get back to her roots, so she left the fast world of trends behind and dedicated her life to becoming a force of good.

Tristan’s intuitive gifts and professional experience analyzing human behavior turned out to be key assets when she returned to school to get her Masters degree in clinical psychology. Although, through her practice as a psychotherapist, it became blatantly obvious to Tristan that for her, there were limiting boundaries of what could be accomplished while sitting in a therapist’s office. 

She knew she could offer a more effective and fun (!) form of self-love and discovery through integrated practices of meditation combined with social and creative experiences. Once again, Tristan had a spiritual awakening (minus the bathroom breakdown). Eighteen months of ideas, one vision board, an enlightened trip to Mexico and a few margaritas later…Life Lab was born.

Life Lab would not exist today without a woman who possesses a deep understanding of the human psyche, and who also knows the power of mindful living, creative expression and social connection. Tristan created Life Lab to be a safe, judgment-free sanctuary for women to channel creativity into an exploration of self-love, while connecting them with other inspired women in the community. Together, Tristan and her team of teachers have guided hundreds of women in the South Bay to craft their consciousness and create a life that they are madly in love with. Everyone that comes through the doors of Life Lab shares Tristan’s mission of being a force of good, first to themselves and in turn, to everyone else they cross paths with.

To inquire about guided one-on-one soul work or keynote speaking engagements, please contact Tristan.


Be a Force of Good

At Life Lab, giving back is a part of our fabric. We define ourselves as the South Bay's FORCE OF GOOD, regularly participating in philanthropic efforts. We believe that giving back is both a responsibility and privilege of small businesses. If you have a cause you would like us to support, just email us! Below are some of the Force of Good initiatives we support....


Write Girl

Write Girl supports teen girls through written self-expression. By teaching them the power of the pen through powerful mentorship, girls learn how to heal and empower themselves all through their words and their voice. We donated 100% of proceeds from our 3rd LEAP Women's Empowerment Event to Write Girl.


Downtown Women's Center

Downtown Women's Center exclusively serves the unique needs of Los Angeles homeless women. Helping women rebuild their lives through therapeutic support, financial assistance and education, job training, physical health support and so much more, DWC helps women reignite their lives so that they can unleash their amazingly divine feminine energy! We donated 100% of proceeds from our 2nd LEAP Women's Empowerment Event to Downtown Women's Center.


Girl Talk Foundation

On The Road With GirlTalk travels around the U.S. bringing their customized program to young women all over. On The Road With GirlTalk travels to speak with students about self esteem, true friendship, bullying, comparison and various issues that young women deal with daily while providing them with the tools to overcome obstacles they are faced with. This program's focus is on self love, uplifting, motivation and support for next generation of women. We donated 100% of proceeds from our LEAP Women's Empowerment Event to Girl Talk.


Road Dogs & Rescue

Road Dogs & Rescue is a one-woman rescue in Los Angeles focusing on the ‘bulldoggy’ breeds (French/English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs) plus the occasional small scruffamuffin! Their focus is providing love and the best medical care possible until they are ready for their forever homes. On August 5th, Life Lab is honored to host a fundraiser for this organization. Come learn how to use Crystals and Reiki Healing to support your furry friends... and walk away feeling more connected to your pet... and with 3 Crystals in your pocket!

South Bay Rocks!

South Bay Rocks is following the lead of other progressively kind-hearted communities with a massive rock fairy initiative. Through hand painting rocks and hiding them in our neighborhoods, we can sprinkle surprise joy all around and enable the finders of these earthly gems, an unexpected smile. At Life Lab, we hosted a rock painting night for the rock fairy women of the South Bay!

Sock Giveaway

Thanks to local love from Legends socks, we distributed a bounty of socks to our homeless neighbors. Whereas the weather is heating up, those living on the streets still suffer through cold nights and socks are a highly sought after need. These 6-packs of uber cozy socks have been a well-appreciated gift for our local homeless.

Team Freedom

Our resident Malas & Mimosas guide, and mediation teacher, Brittany Rouse Jones was on a seriously unstoppable mission to stop blood cancers. And we totally supported her through awareness and a percentage of registration fees donated to this very worthy cause. Through her massive campaign to raise awareness and funds for research Immunotherapy treatments via the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, to help find a cure for blood cancers, she risked over $50k!

International Women's Day

As a women's only wellness studio, we simply love the idea of this sacred day! This year, we selected a hometown favorite gal, Sara Krish, and her badass organization, The Fly Buddha, to donate to. For the week of IWD, we gave 20% of all class registrations to her efforts in supporting women navigating the challenges of gynecological cancers. Go Sara go!

Clothing Swap!

In March as we Spring Cleaned our spirits, we also Spring Cleaned our closets. Swapping till we dropped, Life Lab was filled with the cutest threads for the tribe to adore. We ended up with over 20 giant bags of adorable leftovers, joyfully donated to the women of 1736 Family Crisis Center. We cleared literal and metaphoric space in our lives, while these women received much needed clothing to help them on their journey towards independent living... what a win win!

Annual 1736 Family Crisis Center Gift Drive

We were blown away in December by the incredible bounty of gifts donated for the 1736 Family Crisis Center Gift Drive. We accumulated over 200 individual gifts, valued at over $2000 to be given to the women and children of 1736 house who are working to rebuild lives after courageously escaping homes of domestic abuse. So much cheer spread all around!