People ask me all of the time, what was the inspiration behind Life Lab? While the answer is of course multi-layered, it really comes down to Connection. The thing is, the more life I live, the clearer I am that the reason we are here is for connection. Love and Connection. That's it. It's really that basic. The rest... just doesn't really matter. So the challenge becomes how can we not only integrate, but make connection a priority in all of our other life stuff... in all of the doing that needs to be done? It's about doing what we do with intention of connection to ourselves or to others. It's about watching our kids create a drawing, instead of doing another load of laundry. It's about actually listening to our coworkers or partners or friends, without planning what we will say next. It's about eating lunch, without texting. It's about being on the mat, and not in our head. It's about being in the checkout line and saying "Hello" to the person behind us, instead of scrolling through Instagram. It's about meeting and knowing our neighbors, without agenda. It's about walking the dog, without our phone.  It's about journaling our soul, without judgment. It's about all of these things and so many more... these moments that we can create to foster connection mindfully, trusting that all of the doing will get done.. and likely more effortlessly when we serve ourselves and others through the gifts of intentional connection.  It's about just showing up to where we are, and allowing the magic of energy exchange to do its job in our minds, hearts and spirits to create joy-filled connections that pay dividends on the rest of our lives.
So at the Lab, it always comes back to that. It always comes back to creating opportunities for authentic connection with self and/or others... because that, quite simply, is the heartbeat of living.

tristan coopersmith