We all strive for Acceptance. But when we feel that all too familiar, wildly uncomfy, biting feeling of Resistance, so often Acceptance seems as distant as the stars in the sky. That's because we need a Bridge. A bridge that safely carries us from Resistance, the home of worry and fear to Acceptance, the home of peace and tranquility.
The bridge... is Curiosity.
You see, here's the thing, loves... the Resistance, the uncomfy is just a message from the Universe. It' the Universe's way of rattling us, to wake us up and direct us towards learning and growing so we can become our highest self. The truth is though, sometimes we don't know what we don't know... we don't know what we are supposed to learn when we get shook up.
That's where Curiosity comes in.
Curiosity is the cure... it is the elixir... it is the quiet tonic that quells fear and ignites growth.  It is the soft opening towards a hopeful outcome... it provides illumination of what we need to know... illumination which comes from leaning into the discomfort, holding space for awakening and patiently, and faithfully, swimming in curiosity... in wonderment of what "this" could all mean. 
The word curiosity comes from the root Latin word, 'Cura', meaning to care. So it seems fitting that the best way to care for and love into our worries and fears is to become inwardly caring by igniting our curiosity.
Wishing you a week on the bridge. Wishing you a week of infinite CURE-iosity.

tristan coopersmith