I always say, "When life shakes us, it shapes us." But in between the 'Holy f*&k, what is happening Universe?!' moments and the peace on the other side, is your Rest Stop. Not to be mistaken with the side of the road spot you go to grab a bite, a tinkle and a stretch on a long drive, a life Rest Stop is work. It's the place you are given when life is so bumpy that you need to recenter so that you can reroute your course and direct yourself to where you are actually meant to be. For example, if you lose your job (that's the 'Holy f*&k, Universe!' moment), before you can get to where you need to be, perhaps a job with more purpose and passion (that's the peace moment), you have to rest. You have to go into your own mind lab and heart lab to get crystal clear on what you truly want and to mine through the blocks you may have unintentionally created or habits your perpetuate. Because here's the thing, sweet one, if you don't stop and consider, you will just end up on a frighteningly similar road leading you to where you aren't even meant to be going. So the next time the Universe really bitchslaps you with a tough dose of life, say thank you, pull over and just rest. Lean into the pause. Lean into the work. That's your pathway to true peace.

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tristan coopersmith