The comfort zone. A place of safety and security. A place of predictability and sure-bets. A cozy place that minimizes happiness and typically guarantees outcome you can live with. It's not a bad thing. Or a good thing. It's just a behavior thing. But it is a limited thing. Simply, growth does not rise out of sameness. On the other side of the comfort zone, is living life. Or rather, experiencing life. And accompanying it are fear, doubt, insecurity, vulnerability. Makes sense, right? It is embracing and moving through all of THOSE things, that result in growth.
Trying new things requires a shift in thought, belief, or behavior. And sometimes all three at the same time! It is there, in the shifting moment, that we shed our old, comfort zone skin, and rise up to our evolved self...a self more capable, competent and courageous... a higher self. A self that leans into the unknown.
In the unknown, we become less fearful and insecure and more vulnerable. We become increasingly flexible, creative and productive as fear diminishes and we become more comfy in the discomfort of pushing through expected to new. We chance more... and so we experience more.
And there are physical benefits too, of swimming into the sea of new... Our cortisol lowers, we increase immune function, enhance sleep quality and literally give ourselves a dopamine bath as the reward center of the brain lights up, giving us that eudemonic, happy dance, feeling.  So try it... try 1 new thing today... drive a different route home from work, order something different from your fave restaurant, go for a walk instead of a drink with a friend, try a new class at the Lab... do 1 thing... one thing to get you a little more comfy in the discomfort. Your life will thank you.

tristan coopersmith