Wishing out LOUD: A True Story


Here's a true story.

I've been breaking up with my computer for about a year now, well aware of how toxic a relationship it is. We co-function decently about half of the time and the other half, it's me cursing and it responding by literally shutting down. And despite the mere flickers of hope, I've continued to hang on, resisting the obvious inevitable breakup for countless reasons... not wanting to invest in a new computer, concern over transferring files, learning new systems, blah, blah, blah.

But this isn't a post about why we hang onto unhealthy relationships (we'll save that for another day)... this is a post about asking the Universe for what you need.

Let me explain...The other day, as my screen was flashing pixelated rainbows, causing a momentary stopping of breath in yet another moment of panic, just praying this wasn't it finally breaking up with me... I rested my head in my hands, closed my hands, took a deep breath, lifted my head, placed my palms up on my knees in a gesture of receiving and asked the Universe for some support.

I asked for patience. I asked for faith. A few minutes of breathing and I reawakened to the light. Within seconds, I received a text alert.

The text read: "I have a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I won it an auction raffle last year and forgot about it. Would that be of help to you? Love, Dad"

This, I repeat, is a true story. And it is so representative of how the Universe works. How the Universe wants to support. How the Universe wants to give. 
But here's the thing... we have to ask for what we need. And we have to want to receive it. And sometimes we fall short there. Sometimes we are afraid to ask. Starting from our earliest birthdays, we were told to never share our wishes when we blew out our birthday candles, wished upon a star or tossed a penny in a fountain. We were taught to keep our wishes a secret... to hold our wishes tight within us. We were literally told that if we shared them, they WOULDN'T come true!

We can't be answered if we don't ask.

The Universe may read energy, but it doesn't read minds. Here's the twist... to grant ourselves permission to ask for what we want, we need the self-worthiness to believe that we deserve to have what we want. This is a block for many of us. And other times, we don't ask, because we are secretly afraid of actually getting what we say we want. Getting what we say we want, always leads to a shift of some sort.... and sometimes, shifting can be more unsettling than we believe we are ready for.

But here's the other thing...  there is a part of you... even if it is small, even if it feels quiet... that wants something. That believes she deserves it, is ready for it and knows what to do upon receiving it. Listen to that part. Quiet the other parts. Turn up and follow that mighty part within you. That part, that beautiful, self-loving, self-valuing part is there to be loved, to be honored, to be ignited. Give yourself permission to follow that part. To trust that part. To let go of the other parts.

Just imagine for a moment... imagine what might happen if you wished out loud?! What might happen if you asked for what you wanted, out loud? What might happen if you unapologetically shared what you needed, out loud? You just might get it. And that my dear, is worth more than a thousand wishes.

Trusting of the Universe (and grateful for my new computer)~

tristan coopersmith