I'm Ready for You, 2017


Dear 2017,

I know you are going to be EPIC. And I’m ready for you. I know you have extraordinary plans for me. But, I know you won’t be easy. I know that there will be intentional climbs and curveballs. I know that sometimes I will feel like I’ve reached my limit and then you will show me that I’m stronger than I knew. You will flex your encouraging muscles, helping me to see myself in a fresh, vibrant, necessary light.  I am ready for you, 2017. Ready is my state of mind. It's my choice. My declaration of willingness. My announcement to the Universe that says, "I will rise up in spite of my fears. I will welcome what comes even if it is confusing or scary." I know that you have a plan for me, 2017. For us. I know you already have it all figured out and that I am slowly catching up by trusting what you are unfolding before me.  Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for never giving up. I’m ready to conquer you, 2017. I’m ready to take on whatever you have to gift me. I know that I need it ALL... the easy stuff and the tough stuff. I’m ready to rise up to your challenges, head and heart on, trusting that you are directing me to where I need to be. I'm ready to emerge. I’m ready for you 2017.

And for those of you who are SUPER charged about this year like me, I invite you to join Sara SchultingKranz and I on an exclusive, 10-sisters only year-long journey… the 6-PACK OF PEAKS. Throughout the year we will come together in support of one another through a unique combination of group coaching, individual coaching, meditation and hiking to identify and release our limitations, to unearth our purpose and to grow into our true Goddess-like potential! If you think you are up to this opportunity, check out our site for more details on this EPIC program and to register… space is limited to 10 beauties!

With readiness and gratitude~

tristan coopersmith