It Starts with Seeing Love


Love is the world's universal language.

The craving to receive and the ability to give love is common among all humans and arguably animals too. We run on love. We thrive on love. We are wired to be in love. Love is the fuel for life.
Here's what I know... the more we SEE love, the more we feel love... and the more we FEEL love, the more we BECOME love... and the more we become love, the more love we invite into our lives.
It all starts with seeing love.

t starts by surrendering to your own internal desire for love. Willingly putting on your love goggles, fearlessly. being not only OK, but proud of your attraction to and wanting for love. Noticing the good in others and the world. Embracing what's working. Seeing pink and red hearts. Falling in love with love.

I get it. This month can be dark and lonely and painful for those who see themselves as not in love or worse yet, not lovable. But that's a choice. You get to see yourself in any which way you want to. And when you see yourself as love, your actions follow in accordance. Love is power and we all have the power to decide on love. You see the thing is, love is not only for some... it is for all. It is our birthright. It is an active decision. It's a declaration to begin BEING love. Only when we live our lives in a state of love, can we truly become magnets, of love calling it in, with undeniable magnificence.

Here's the other thing I know... we allow love to come in only at the same level that we love ourselves (or slightly below)... we simply can only tolerate absorbing as much love as we give to ourselves. Otherwise, we feel too uncomfortable. This is why, if you ever look at your ex-files honestly, you will plainly see that you have loved at the level of your self-esteem... when it is high, you invite in mighty and abundant love; when it is low, you settle.

So this month, in the month of love, can you BE LOVE? Can you declare it to be a time to bring in more loving kindness for yourself? More love into your life? Can you choose to see love everywhere? Can you notice the beautiful things? Can you choose to love even the seemingly unlovable? Can you give yourself permission to speak to yourself like you are someone you love? Can you forgive? Can you receive? Can you hold yourself to your highest possible vibration of love?

Love is our responsibility. Love is our opportunity. Let's be and do LOVE together. Your love life... and the world are counting on it.

Living LOVE out loud~

tristan coopersmith