Whatever SHAKES you, SHAPES you


It's all happening on purpose.

Wherever you are... right now, is exactly where you need to be. Sometimes we forget that. Because sometimes, the right now, as is, is a tough pill to swallow. Sometimes we want to be somewhere else. We want to feel something else. We want to run as far away as possible, so we retreat to our hiding places, be it wine, chocolate, Netflix, books, shopping, gossiping, you name it. But the truth is, every detail of our lives is necessary. It is all happening FOR us, not to us.

And when we can align this way... when we can lean into what's happening regardless of how uncomfy... when we can breathe "our now" into our core, we find not fear, but RELIEF.

You see, the thing is, most of our suffering comes from resistance to how things are. Resistance to what is happening. The struggle and stress we experience isn't in response to the circumstances, it is in response to how much we hate the circumstances. So we try to rid ourselves from it.
And it never works. Have you ever noticed that? The Universe never runs out of ways to put us in our uncomfortable zones. Why? Because it loves us. Because it believes that we are meant for more. That we are capable of more.

So the next time you find yourself in an uncomfy zone... lean in. Love into it. Love into the twists and the turns. Love into the notion that you are being directed. Directed to where you need to be. And maybe it will take 100x of leaning in, and loving in... and maybe it will hurt like hell... but I assure you, with every bit of knowing and faith in my heart, that leaning in on that 101st time will bring you closer to your truth... closer to your place of pure and infinite love of self.

And from there, anything is possible.
Fearlessly flowing~

tristan coopersmith