Lucky YOU!


She asked me how I was, not present, not really caring what the answer would be, blankly, as if my answer was of no consequence to her. She’d likely asked the question 100 times already that day, and it was only 11am. Checkout line #9 was her home for 8 hours per day. And as such, she was required to engage in the scripted cashier/customer dialogue that included asking how I was and did I want a bag for 10 cents. She looked tired. As if life had handed her more than she wanted that day.


I replied, with pure genuineness,


She stopped, mid-scan, looking visibly shocked, confused and maybe even a bit suspicious. She replied, “Lucky?” I smiled, facially confirming my response. “Not me,” she said. She continued to scan and bag.


I said, “I respectfully disagree. I bet I can tell you 5 things that make you lucky right now.” She looked up puzzled, with a hesitant but curious look… a look that said go on. I said,

“You are breathing. You are standing. You have a safe place to breathe and to stand. You are employable and you have a job. You work in a place that people love to come to. You have a smile within you to spread and countless chances to light up someone’s day.”

She stopped me before I finished. Looked up at me with a smile I hadn’t seen yet, and said, “I guess I am lucky. I’m lucky you came to checkout line #9.”


Here’s the thing about luck. We ALL have it. Luck is not reserved for the, well, lucky. There isn’t a divide between people… the lucky and the unlucky, those with good luck and bad luck. We all have access to luck. Luck lives within us. Luck is a state of mind and heart. If we believe we have it, then we receive it. It’s really that simple. When we believe that we are lucky, we call in good things. When we believe we are unlucky, we call in misfortunate. It’s about vibration. Luck is a choice. Simply…




When we connect a grateful heart to joy-filled, flexible thinking, we get luck. We get happiness. It’s all a choice. A way of living. A decision to practice life on terms that lead to "lucky" things. If you believe you are lucky, if you live in luck, luck will come your way.

Imagine, just for a moment, what your life would look like if you became your very own lucky charm... if you lived in luck. If you inhaled and exhaled luck. What would shift within you? How would your frequency change? What would you now have to give? What might you receive as a result? The possibilities are endless... and having endless possibilities makes you very lucky, don't you think?


Living in luck~

tristan coopersmith