The Quarter Trick: Listening to our intuition

I have a not very clinical technique I use to make decisions. It's called the quarter trick. Like a typical coin flip, I assign one side to option A and the other side to option B. And then, like a typical coin flip, I throw it up in the air. While it is soaring up and before it hits the floor, I make a wish. I wish for what I want… A or B. When it lands, if it’s what I wished for, then game over; if it’s not, I’ll do best out of 3. The quarter trick is simply a way of unearthing and validating my intuition. I’ve made A LOT of decisions this way including cities to live in, schools to go to, trips to take, paint colors to choose, jobs to take, jobs to quit.


In our modern day culture where we have become dependent on the opinion of other people it seems as if we've lost our inner pendulum... That thing that tells us what is right, what we need. Some call it intuition, some call it a gut feeling, a hunch, a sixth sense, a spiritual calling… but whatever you call it, it's a life force that we all have. And it's incredibly powerful. Our inner pendulum serves as the compass for our lives. But we need to have the faith and courage to listen to it… and to hear it, we need to get quiet. When our mind is on monkey mode constantly ping-ponging between “should I” or “shouldn’t I”, and all of the “what-ifs” that come in between, we are not quiet. In fact, we're incredibly noisy. And we never find the answers in the noise.


We spend exorbitant energy looking for facts or logic to guide us but the truth is “facts and logic” derail us from our inner knowing  and in many cases actually keep us on the hamster wheel of indecision. We resist our gut because we can’t hear it or because we don’t believe in it. The thing is you don't need to understand how intuition works for it to work, the same way that you don't need to understand how email works for it to work.


Intuition’s most important role is that it alerts us to the path, people, and circumstances that we will uniquely and authentically find fulfilling. Intuition bridges the gap between instinct and reason, between the unconscious and conscious mind.


There is infinite freedom in honoring our intuition. It allows us to live life on our own terms which in turn heightens self-worth and self-esteem, decreases our need for other’s approval and allows us to dare more greatly. Personally, I think of my intuition as my home. It’s the place of my greatest knowing… and most effective life compass. When I allow it to be.


Think back to when you were under 4 feet tall. Back then, you lived mostly in flow, not logic. Kids are incredible energy detectors and remarkably aligned with self. They spend less time questioning and considering, and more time being and doing. They operate largely from instinct… from what feels good and right. As a result they experience life with clarity of mind and freedom of heart. 


As time goes on, we begin to extinguish this inner knowing. We quiet its voice and diminish its power. We check Yelp reviews before choosing a restaurant and poll friends before committing to a 2nd date. We let fear of making the wrong decision drive us away from the simplicity of our intuition and towards others for direction. But we don’t have to. Intuition is like a muscle. You have to exercise it. Here’s how: 


  1. Spend more time in quiet. Meditation helps quiet the mind gremlins so we can hear intuition talking and guiding us. We also heighten connection to intuitive senses.

  2. Listen to your body. Check for physical sensations that move you towards or against the idea like feeling excitement or fear.

  3. Tune into your Third Eye chakra. The 3rd eye is where intuition lives!

  4. Speak to your highest self. Ask it if your choices are coming from love and faith, or from fear.

  5. Journal your dreams. Our dreams are our intuition at work! 



Or you can always use the quarter trick.


Intuitively yours~


tristan coopersmith