If you were at LEAP last week you may have noticed that my 5-year old son was snoozing in the Zen Den during our event. That wasn't part of the plan. It was a result of a no-show sitter at the literal last minute and a quick decision to lean into what was happening and make a choice.
That's the art of Agility.
Being agile is about being able to let go and shift with grace, courage and faith. Whether it's letting go of ideas, beliefs or wishful outcomes, agility allows us to tap into and trust our inner knowing... our faith... the voice that says, "This is what it is... and it's leading me somewhere else." Agility is the ability to GO there, to go to somewhere else.
Don't get me wrong, agility isn't easy. Fear is a mighty opponent to agility. After all, it's much easier to stay married to our position, i.e. "The sitter SHOULD have shown up.... I CAN'T bring him to the event." than to consider alternatives, or worse yet, trust in an alternative. When we stay attached though, we stay limited. We stay small. But when we lean in to acceptance, we become agile. We step outside of the problem and into the solution. We create a space to shift, a space to become big.
But here's the thing... the solution, or the outcome isn't always crystal clear. We don't always know how it will go. Trust me. I had no idea how it would go to bring my wild little spirit with me to an adult women's event at bedtime. All historical data pointed to it being a really bad idea. We don't KNOW that if we breakup with this person, or this job or this belief system, that a better one will come along. We don't KNOW it, but we can choose to believe it. We can choose to believe that being able to let go of something  that isn't working, and become agile by moving into something else, even if it is just vacant space for the time being, will lead to something that does work.
Remember: Belief costs us nothing. And you just may be surprised what's on the other side. In my case, it was a sweet lil soul who peacefully snoozed away during out event.

tristan coopersmith