The energetic shift on our planet is undeniable. I felt it most strongly twice this month. Once at a sobering art installation called Into Action in DTLA, and secondly as a participant in the LA Women's March. Across the globe, there is a cry for healing, a cry for love and a desperate need for community. When we come together, when we commune, when we create a sacred space to show our hearts and honor our voices, we allow for healing individually and collectively. And when we do, we raise the vibration not only within ourselves and within our tribe, we raise it in our world. That's powerful.
Thank you for showing up at the Lab. For being a necessary part of the collective conscious, for doing your part to heighten the frequency of love. I built this for exactly this reason, but it only works when your light comes to spark the light in another.
We are excited to continue to gather and to grow in February with each of you radiant souls.

Loving in, loving out~

tristan coopersmith