To Do vs To Be

If you are like me, you live by your To-Do List. Evernote is your church. Post its are your favorite desk accessory. A line through a list item feels nearly orgasmic. Well, not exactly, but you get the idea.
It's a pervasive struggle in our fast-paced, high demand, endless possibility, competitive and comparative world. And even harder if you lean towards Type A tendencies (so says me, a perfectionist in recovery). But here's the thing, in all of the doing, we lose sight of the doer. We lose sight of ourselves and in that loss of sight, there are noticeable disconnections, resulting in emotional and spiritual discord.
And no amount of doing can undo that.

So what if we changed the conversation? What if instead of asking "What do I need to DO today or in this moment?", we asked "Who do I need to BE?"

Because here's the other thing...  our actions are born out of our feelings... so if we can direct our feelings towards who we need to BE (focused, calm, confident, responsible, helpful, etc) we will actually DO so much more... and we will do it so much more effortlessly because we won't be blocked by opposing feelings that actually point us in the wrong direction.

Changing this conversation was the beginning of a radical shift in my own life last year. And it started with my initial morning time thoughts. When I shifted from the rampant, pre-sunrise to-do list in my head to instead defining who I needed to be in that day, I experienced an unprecedented calm, clarity and motivation for the day. Instead of my day driving me, I began to drive my day. And I actually got a lot more sh*t done!
So tomorrow, try it. Integrate into your morning rituals, an intention/affirmation born out of who you need to BE and see if your day unfolds a smidge more effortlessly, with beautiful you at its center.


Just being~

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tristan coopersmith