Waking Thoughts

Imagine yourself nestled in the cocoon of your bed. You are in a state of blissful coziness, deep in dream state... and all of a sudden you are awoken by  your alarm clock, your partner, your kid, bright light shining through your window. What's the first thing you typically think? If you are like most, it's somewhere in the "It's too early" or "I'm so tired" neighborhood.
But here's the thing... our first thought sets the tone for our day. Our first thought literally becomes our brain's blueprint, setting it on a course towards either a day filled with lack and toxicity or a day filled with abundance and joy. 
Begin to notice what shows up for you FIRST thing in the morning... is a thought rooted in lack, anxiety, responsibility or resistance? Or is it rooted in abundance, gratitude, receiving and intention? This simple consideration and a shift towards the latter can become one of the most powerful, simple practices on your path to self-directed serenity. So here's a challenge. Try it. For 7 days consciously choose your waking thought and see how your day opens up differently.

If you are new to this practice, here are a few rising thoughts to get you started:

1. Thank you Universe.
2. A new day. All is well. All is possible.
3. I am nourished.
4. I am rested.
5. I am enough. I have enough.
6. It's a good day to be in love.
7. I am complete.
8. I am ready.

Abundantly awake~

waking thoughts.jpg
tristan coopersmith