Our words are powerful.
With every word we think and speak, we are creating our life scripts. Our words give our cells direction and such that they truly are the building blocks of our reality. All too often, we speak carelessly, without giving thought to how words are creating vibration within our own bodies, and also energetic transmission to others.
But here's the thing... we are NOT slaves to our automatic word choices.
We can slow down.
We can take a breath.
We can take a moment.
To consider what we want to say and how we want to say it.
We can pause and allow for alternatives.
We can choose, through conscious awareness and selection, words that help instead of harm; words that inspire us into positive action instead of plummet us into soul contamination. And we can do it with very simple swaps.

Try these exchanges and notice the uplift shift within your energy and mindset:

Replace "But" with "And"
For example: "I like my job, but the people who work with me are the worst." vs. "I like my job and I struggle with my coworkers."

Whenever we include but, we nullify our first statement and create complete focus and energy around the second statement. Watering the second part, grows it and it alone. When we swap with and,  we create space for the first part to grow as well.

Replace "Sorry" with "Thank You"
For example: "I'm sorry for dumping all of my feelings on you." vs. "Thank you for your being such a safe place for me to share."

Excessive apologizing results in living in a fault-based world. When we swap self-blame for appreciation of others, we operate instead from a space of gratitude which is undoubtedly more soul lifting.

Replace "Should" with "Could"
For example: "I should go to the gym" vs. "I could go to the gym"

When we should ourselves we create automatic shame centers in our spirit... we literally start from a place of not good enough... and from there, nothing grows, but more shame.

Replace "Have to/Can't" with "Choose to"
For example: "I can't eat gluten" vs. "I choose not to eat gluten"

Have to/Can't automatically rips away our sense of personal power, nose- (and heart) diving us into the role of victim. The truth is that in most every instance, we DO have choice and when we operate from that place of personal power, we become the empowered creators of our lives we are meant to be.

Replace "I am" with "I have/I feel"
For example: "I am a hot mess" vs. "I feel messy"
For example: "I am an addict" vs. "I have addiction"

Simply, you are not these things... these are feelings you feel or parts of your life you deal with. Attaching our identity to our circumstances or our moment-to-moment feelings keeps us stuck and attached to them.

Language is our greatest power.
Our words can comfort the hurting, heal the sick, empower the downtrodden, create justice, inspire possibility, calm fears, affirm love.
Choose them wisely.


tristan coopersmith