5 Life Changing Lessons I've Learned the Hard Way

1. I'm worth it
I'm worth it, not because I've earned it, just because I am.
I came into this world filled with a sense of primal worthiness and I'm going to leave it that way too.

2. I can say "No"
I am not a superhero. I have limits and setting boundaries honors those limits.
I choose a cape of self-love and self-care.

3. I need help
Needing help means I'm human and I have opportunities to grow.
I ask for help from those who want me to rise.

4. I'm not perfect
Never was. Never will be.
I strive to be better... because that's attainable.

5. Life is happening FOR, not TO me
I approach life in pure acceptance, stepping into all that is presenting itself, even and in some way, especially, the uncomfy.
As such, I release resistance, victimization and defeat.
I give myself permission to feel supported and directed. 


And so it is~

self lvoe heart paper.jpg
tristan coopersmith