Making Space for the Good

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We have a tendency to tend to the hard parts of our lives, immediately. They feel fiery and important and necessary. We get scared of what might happen if we don't. And oftentimes... this comes at the cost of tending to or cultivating the good. We forebode joy to take care of pain. And it's primal. For better and for worse, we are wired to believe that if we tend to the negative, to the worries, to the fires, that we will feel less anxiety... and sometimes, that's true. But what's also true, is negativity and anxiety can create a habitual response to create more negativity and anxiety. Water weeds, grow weeds. However. if we create space for good, if we invite in things that make our soul shine, amidst the demands of life, we develop both emotional resilience and self-worth, which in turn makes the bad stuff, not feel so bad.

Here's an assignment... for 5 minutes, write down everything in your life that drains your energy. And then, for 5 minutes, write down everything that heightens your energy.

Now think... what percentage of your time is spent watering the energy sucking list vs the energy creating list? Can you tip the scales a bit? Can you create more time for the good? Can you dare to let go of some of the energy suck? What might shift in your soul if, with open arms and an open heart, you invited more good in?

The answer: More Good.
That's the magic in becoming not only a container for good, but a creator of it... a conversational and energetic shift occurs in your relationship with the Universe, and all of a sudden, you become a magnet for more good and an easy defender of bad. So, declare it. What good do you want to make space for this week, or even just fro today... more love, healthy cooking, crafting, pausing to play, connected conversation, meditation, a warm bubble bath, kind self-talk, daydreaming, stargazing, laughter, time in nature... what good can you make space for to give your soul permission to shine its brightest? Whatever good is calling, do that. Your soul with thank you.

Calling in the good~

tristan coopersmith