On Being a Woman


Being a woman extends beyond biology and physicality.
It’s an energy.
An undeniable, powerful, necessary energy.
Womanhood is magic.

Being a woman is filled with fight.
It’s a daily battle to be seen as more than a body, more than an acquisition.
It’s a fight to maintain self-worth, dignity and value.

Being a woman means trusting in intuition.
The sacred fire that emerges from our womb, where it all began.
It means being guided by the moon and the stars.
Being carried by faith in the face of fear.


Being a woman is taking responsibility for your life.
And what you want from it.
Defining the terms.
And standing by them.


Being a woman means having a voice
A voice that can comfort, heal, empower, inspire, calm and affirm.
A voice that can be powerful and kind, at the same time.


Being a woman is being a lightworker.
Having the ability to nurture.
To see, hear and feel others.
With a depth of love that only a woman can give.

Being a woman is strength.
Strength of body, mind and spirit.
Accepting that sometimes strength looks like falling apart.
Knowing that it’s really the path to growing stronger.

Being a woman is a responsibility.
And an opportunity.
To push boundaries of our own thinking.
And the world’s.


Being a woman gives us automatic entry into a tribe.
Into the power and potential that is sisterhood.
Standing up as allies.
In collective consciousness and love.


Being a woman means accepting oneself.
For who you are.
Who you are not.
And who you are becoming.


Being a woman is complex.
And brilliant.
And beautiful.
It’s sparkly.
It’s messy.
It’s a privilege, an honor and an a gift.

As such, we need each other.
To lean on.
To lift.

To see one another.
In the purest of togetherness.
Through such wholehearted love, we rise.

Proudly your sister~


tristan coopersmith