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Hula Hooping

Spin yourself into a blissful circle of joy, love and freedom in our signature hooping class! Begin by decorating your very own custom, pro hoop (to keep and to love at home) and then learn basic (and some not so basic, very va va voom moves) hula hooping skills to help you connect to your body in new and liberating ways. Hooping is not only an amazing total body workout, it is also an incredible stress reducer and happiness increaser! So raise your vibe and tone up with us, beachside!

2 hours. $40, includes a pro hoop to take home!

Henna & Kombucha Tasting

There's no happier Happy Hour than a Life Lab Happy Hour! Join us on a journey learning the art and application of the ancient art of Henna. Learn how Henna ink is made as well as various techniques and designs that you can apply to yourself, a soul sister or even a significant other... wink wink. Go home with your own small cone of Henna ink. While your gorgeous Henna is drying, enjoy a tasting tour of various Kombucha flavors and brands. YUM!

2 hours. $40.

Values, Visions, & (Sometimes) Vino

Join the sisters of the LL tribe in a vision boarding experience to help you navigate through your mind and heart to uncover precisely what you want your life to feel like, look like and mean. Includes reflective writing exercises and discussion, as well as a powerful closing Visualization meditation. 
3 hours. $40.

Malas & Mimosas

(*Life Lab favorite!)

Start your Sunday by sipping on Mimosas and making Malas! In this class, your guide will teach you about the significance of the 108 beads, Mala meditations, and the craft of making Malas. At the end of class, you will have created our very own Mala to keep for yourself or give to a special being. Come to learn, to make friends & to toast to the beauty of Sunday.

A Mala is a strand of 108 beads traditionally used in meditation to count mantras, prayers, or blessings. Malas are delicately handmade spiritual works of art. When you string your own Mala, you have the chance to place beautiful intentions into each one of the beads and stones. The Mala can be worn as a conscious adornment of the affirmations you want to keep.

If you wear reading glasses, please bring them for your stringing pleasure!
2 hours. $40.


Mandala Drawing & Manifesting

Your personal power tool...

Where vision quests meets vision boards with extra va-va-voom!

Remove the blocks and activate sacred codes to your dreams and desires as you tap into your inner child and ignite your creative manifesting juices… join us for a fun morning of play and soul awakening by drawing personalized mandalas to create magical manifesting. NO drawing experience needed. Seriously :)

2 hours. $30.

Dreamcatcher Making

Dreamcatchers are the protectors of our sleeping minds. While we drift off into the deep wonders of the unconscious, dream catchers guide us through the uncharted sea ensuring we experience good dreams while escaping nightmares. Dreamcatchers are often received/given as gifts, serving as a constant reminder that someone cares deeply about you and your well being.

In this class, you will create one of your own high-end fit-for-Etsy dreamcatchers to hang or to give.

2 hours. $40.

Sweet Succulents

Thanks to the epic California drought, the gorgeous trend of succulent plants has emerged! Have you noticed how expensive living ones can be?! Why not make your own. In this experience we will show you step-by-step how to create an adorable hanging potted succulent using a fun, surprisingly easy macramé technique. Upgrade the cuteness of your home or office with at he good vibes from these tiny title wonders. Experience also includes reflective writing/discussion/meditating on what you personally want to grow in your life by fertilizing the soil of your soul!
2 hours. $40.

Intuitive Painting

Creating art can be a very personal and profound experience if we allow ourselves the opportunity to trust and be open to the healing powers of creativity, not just for ourselves but for those we love and for the world in which we live.

In this “Find Your heART" workshop you will have the chance to go within and contemplate your own inner knowing as reflected through art. For the serious artist or the “I’m not an artist”, we will start off with a creative visualization to awaken our imagination.  Next, we will warm up with some explorative art making and end with some group dialogue in order to witness each other’s transformative experience.  

All participants will take home their art, which will include a 12” x 16” painting, and will be given tools for further self reflection and understanding.

2 hours. $50.

Organic Beauty Products

Whip up your own personalized collection of beauty goodies! From scrubs to masks, sprays to lotions, you will have the opportunity to create and personalize your beauty products to suit your very own fragrance preferences with essential oils…and your own one-of-a-kind packaging. Bring your gal pals and get ready to pamper yourself! You will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and like a DIY beauty pro (not to mention have a pile of goodies to take with you)!

2 hours. $50.

Teen Vision Boarding

Spring is here, school is almost out, and summer is upon us! Now is the time to think about what you want to create in your life, moving forward. Whether it is stronger friendships, feeling better about your body, thinking through college decisions, or getting your parents to understand you, let's come together, get crafty, and get real about what it is that we want! And the first step to doing that, is picturing it! In this class we will be slicing up magazines and arranging images and words that speak to you to create your very own vision board, to help you figure out a part of your life... or even the whole thing! Snacks, drinks, and good vibes included!
2 hours. $25.

Chakra Bracelets

Soak up a morning of spirit and creativity with Chakras Bracelets! Learn about the power of your 7 chakras and the healing crystals associated with each sacred chakras. Then, create your own chakras mala bracelet using traditional Rudraksha or Sandalwood beads, along with the beautiful rainbow of chakras crystal beads. Come for bracelet making, but leave with a reignited light within!

2 hours. $40.


Valentine's & Vino

Channel your inner Cupid to create DIY Valentine's for your honey, your bestie, your mama... or even yourself! Come cut, paste, stamp and glitter up fabulous Valentine's together while sipping on some of Cupid's favorite elixir... vino!

2 hours. $40.