Life Lab is different from most wellness studios. We offer an eclectic mix of reflective and creative classes to serve both your soulful and expressive self. Our offerings include group yoga, mediation, workshops, creative experiences and weekend retreats, as well as one-on-one soul work to fit your individual needs. We are a modern day gym for your soul.



Meditation is a practice and process of resting the mind to reach a state of consciousness that allows for non-judgmental awareness, self compassion and peace. We offer a variety of meditation experiences to meet you wherever you are in your practice and to help support you in maintaining and growing it.


Soak up the sun and the Zen of Hermosa with beach yoga. With fresh salty air, the feeling of sand in your toes, the melody of the ocean serenading you, all making for a blissful practice. Bring your beach blanket (yoga mats and sand don't play well together), sun protection, and your yogi smile!



Essential to our happiness…creativity fuels confidence, passion and even helps us to solve problems more easily! In fact, studies show there is a direct correlation between creativity and a high quality of life. When we liberate and honor our creative prowess, we feel an aliveness that is unmatched. At Life Lab, we offer weekly hands-on classes to inspire and ignite you, such as...


Contributing to the women’s empowerment movement, Women’s Circles are regularly held (weekly or monthly) gatherings whereby women are invited to come together in a safe, sacred space to listen and be heard while exploring topics that focus on enlightening the soul and the journey to getting there. Each Women’s Circle is guided by one of our distinguished Life Lab teachers, specializing in topics from break-ups, to astrology, to self-love, spiritual healing and more. And the best part about it...you can share your experiences or learn from the experiences of others which will result in an abundance of insight and provide different perspectives on life and situations that may otherwise be overlooked. Prepare for your heart and mind to be opened and ignited.

Women's Circles



We are busy in our Lab mixing up the first Life Lab weekend retreat. In the meantime, please check out our other classes, including a day long retreat: Cultivating Happiness!



At Life Lab, we think our soul is the purest, most essential part of ourselves. It is who we truly are and are destined to share. Soul Work is the process of bringing the transcendent self out of hiding to unleash pure potential, radiance and freedom.

One-on-one Soul Work is guided by Life Lab Founder and licensed psychotherapist, Tristan Coopersmith. To inquire or schedule an appointment for one-on-one soul work, please contact Tristan.


At Life Lab, giving back is a part of our fabric. We define ourselves as the South Bay's FORCE OF GOOD, regularly participating in philanthropic efforts. If you have a cause you would like us to support, just email us!

Sock Giveaway

Thanks to local love from Legends socks, we have a bounty of socks to gift our homeless neighbors. Whereas the weather is heating up, those living on the streets still suffer through cold nights and socks are a highly sought after need. Stop by and pick up a 6-pack of uber cozy socks to gift to our local homeless.

Team Freedom

Our resident Malas & Mimosas guide, and mediation teacher, Brittany Rouse Jones is on a seriously unstoppable mission to stop blood cancers. And we totally support her! Through her massive campaign to raise awareness and funds for research Immunotherapy treatments via the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, to help find a cure for blood cancers. For just $10 (!), you can fund the growing of cells in a lab to understand how well a protocol may work. Donate here.

International Women's Day

As a women's only wellness studio, we simply love the idea of this sacred day! This year, we selected a hometown favorite gal, Sara Krish, and her badass organization, The Fly Buddha, to donate to. For the week of IWD, we gave 20% of all class registrations to her efforts in supporting women navigating the challenges of gynecological cancers. Go Sara go!

Clothing Swap!

In March as we Spring Cleaned our spirits, we also Spring Cleaned our closets. Swapping till we dropped, Life Lab was filled with the cutest threads for the tribe to adore. We ended up with over 20 giant bags of adorable leftovers, joyfully donated to the women of 1736 Family Crisis Center. We cleared literal and metaphoric space in our lives, while these women received much needed clothing to help them on their journey towards independent living... what a win win!

Gift Drive

We were blown away in December by the incredible bounty of gifts donated for the 1736 Family Crisis Center Gift Drive. We accumulated over 200 individual gifts, valued at over $2000 to be given to the women and children of 1736 house who are working to rebuild lives after courageously escaping homes of domestic abuse. So much cheer spread all around!



Have a suggestion for a class or experience that we don’t offer but you’d like to take? Let us know and our tribe of teachers will do their best to accommodate!