"Dreams come in a size too big so that we may grow into them."-Josie Bisset



Living Empowered, Awakening Purpose


What is L.E.A.P.?

LEAP is a women’s empowerment initiative created by Life Lab with the soul purpose of encouraging women to dare to dream and to spark inspiration for women to innovate through business, creativity, philanthropy, life and even love!

LEAP provides opportunities for women to share personal stories about their journeys on the road to “success,” thus inspiring other women to be proactive about taking leaps of faith to live their own lives, on purpose.  Here at LEAP, we challenge women to be progressive leaders in their passions and fields who create new molds, generating a ripple effect for every woman they cross paths with... and oh yeh. of course, with the world at LARGE!


Join Us!

Each month at Life Lab, we host a moderated panel of women who are making great accomplishments across a wide range of industries, and who have made brave leaps along the way. These women will share their stories, their struggles, their secrets, and their defining moments that changed the course of their lives forever.


Upcoming L.E.A.P. Events:

Monday September 25th, 7:00PM - 8:30PM  Reserve your seat

Monday October 23rd, 7:00PM - 8:30PM  Tickets not yet available

Monday December 4th, 7:00PM - 8:30PM  Tickets not yet available


Come see THESE Beautiful, Bold, Brilliant, Badass Women September 25th:

sarah pendrick.png

Sarah Pendrick - Founder, GirlTalk Network


Amber Caudle - Owner & Executive Chef, The Source Cafe

sara sk.jpg

Sara SchultingKranzWilderness Guide & Life Coach


Jenna Reiss - Healer, Writer & Breathwork Coach


Tickets are now available for the 9/25/17 LEAP event, but space is limited! The evening has a maximum capacity of 30 attendees, designed to create a very intimate and meaningful affair. One more thing... there will be raffles so come ready to win!


Being a Force of Good

At Life Lab, we believe it is both a social and economic responsibility of organizations to give back and be a force of good. 100% of the LEAP proceeds are donated back to a charity that supports women empowerment. This month's event will support GirlTalk Network... a national (and soon to be global) effort to encourage, inspire and support women in their growth and truth. We LOVE this organization and we are so grateful to support it!


Interested in speaking on the next LEAP panel?

We are always interested in hearing from brave women who feel compelled to share their stories and inspire other women in the community. Tell us why you should be a speaker on the next LEAP panel! Don't be shy...if you've genuinely got something to say, there's someone who genuinely needs to hear it.