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30 Minute Meditation

Reduce stress and calm your mind by giving yourself permission to recharge through meditation. Meditation is not a silencing of the mind, but rather an intentional awakening of it to create a space of non-judgmental awareness. In such a space, we can compassionately identify patterns and habits, and thus transform the mind into an inner sanctum of  concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and calmness. In this experience, you will learn about the benefits of meditation and how to develop an accessible practice that when implemented with consistency, will deepen your mind into a profoundly peaceful and energized place. Walk away with a smile on your face and a feeling of freedom and lightness in your body and mind. No experience necessary!
30 minutes. $10.

Breathwork Meditation

Breathwork is an intense, active meditation breathing technique that creates a heightened sense of awareness inwards emotionally detoxing the body. You lay on the floor taking open mouth breaths inwards, hyper-oxygenating the bloodstream. This in turn stirs the second chakra, which is where many negative emotions sit. As emotions begin to stir, you exhale and begin the technique again. Through this exercise, your body is moving stuck emotional energy, often times releasing negative energies and opening up space within to breath in new life. The whole experience gives you the opportunity to come from your most natural state, resulting in pure love. 
60 minutes. $25.

Kirtan Meditation & Sound Healing

Sacred Song and Meditation go together like peanut butter and jelly. Kirtan is a very special kind of music based on ancient chants, and has the ability to quiet the mind and even boost memory function.

Allow the vibration of sacred song and mantras to lead you into a deep meditation, transmuting negative energy patterns from your body, mind and soul.

This meditation women's circle starts with 20 minutes of song leading into a 20 minute meditation, including open group discussion before and after.

1 hour. $25.

Kundalini Mantra Meditation

An Exploration of Kundalini Yoga: Mantra Meditation and The Healing Power of Sound.

We will explore fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga as it relates to the power of mantra and the healing properties of sound vibration. We will learn ancient mantras that are scientifically proven to calm the nervous system, create new neuropathways, promote glandular stimulation and balance energy centers/chakras. These mantras serve to release physical and emotional blocks and activate one’s intuition, promote healing, physical and emotional transformation and raise your vibrational integrity. We will also explore the purpose and use of the gong and singing bowls as instruments of healing to clear energy blocks and deepen meditative experiences. (Course limited to 10 participants).

60 minutes. $25.

Sound Bath Meditation

A Sound Bath is a unique experience using various instruments like singing bowls and chimes in invite deep levels of relaxation, healing, stress reduction and clarity into your life. Sound has a soothing influence on the various levels of human awareness - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical - encouraging balance and calm to wash over your entire being. During this experience, you are invited to lay back and simply soak in the meditative sound and vibrations being create around you. Sound baths are a powerful way to balance the body and mind to continue on the path to a happy and healthy life.

Please bring a yoga mat and dress comfy!

60 minutes. $20.