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Join the Tribe!

Unlike other members’ clubs that often focus on wealth and social status, at Life Lab we care about about the richness of every member's SOUL! Our goal is to provide a judgement-free sanctuary where women are empowered to unearth their life's purpose, while having the opportunity to grow and connect with other enlightened women in the South Bay.

As a Life Lab Member, you’ll receive the perks of unlimited monthly classes and workshops, and you’ll be eligible for discounts on private parties and space rentals... plus sometimes, we do exclusive, cool stuff for members, just because :). Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and grow with other amazing women in the community.


Try us! You'll love us.

One Month of UNLIMITED Classes & Workshops for only $88

For just $88, you can take nearly every Meditation Class, Creative Experience, Soul-Workshop, or Women's Circle for one full month! 
Life Lab was born as a passion project - a passion for inspiring women to mix up and drink up a little Green Juice for the Soul. We know that creating space for a "time-IN" is oh so necessary, but we also know that self-development can be costly...so try our package of UNLIMITED classes and workshops for only $88 for the month, so you can taste test your way through all of our experiences, and see how elevated you feel after a month of self-love, self-growth and self-empowerment!

Price of $88/month expires 30 days after purchase. Customers are automatically placed on auto-pay feature to continue their rate of $88/month. Unlimited membership does not include Tween classes, Fundraisers or Reiki Training, as well as extended day classes or series (such as JOY, 1-Day Intention Setting or Parenting Series). To cancel your membership at any time, please send an email to Hello@LifeLabHb.com




Can you believe it? Our entire class schedule for just...