Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions about One to One Soul Work with Tristan.

What is your cancellation policy for Classes?

We respectfully ask that you cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled experience/session. In the event an experience is sold out, we require a 72 hour cancellation notice. If you cancel less than 48 hours before a non sold out event, or less than 72 hours before a sold out event, we will make every effort to fill your spot. However, if we are unable, you are responsible for the full fee of your experience/session.

What is the difference between therapy and One to One Soul Work?

In comparison to traditional therapy, One to One Soul Work is more solution oriented and more intensified. Together, we isolate one specific area needing improvement and hone our focus through a combination of engaging and active interventions tailor fit to you! Although verbal processing is a strong component of soul work, it is not the only one. We utilize a variety of techniques involving the body, mind and spirit to resolve what is not working in your life and to create space for what will.

How much independent work is necessary outside of/in addition to soul work sessions?

How much independent work is necessary outside of/in addition to the sessions?
Soul Work is more than once per week talk therapy. It is an intentional and wholehearted dedication to resolving a particular struggle in your life. In session we will unearth, rearrange and discard as much as possible, but sustainable growth is significantly dependent on continuing the work in between sessions. At the conclusion of each session, you will be given recommended directives to practically apply your work throughout this journey. Directives involve reflection and doing, but are designed to be manageable and attainable, plus it is likely that you will enjoy this independent soul “home”work!!

Since you are a licensed therapist, do you take insurance?

I am an out of network provider. Thus, depending on your specific insurance plan, you may or may not have coverage. Calling insurance companies is not fun, so I am happy to check on your behalf. Insurance may provide coverage for tradition al psychotherapy, but not Soul Work.

How long does it take?

Every Soul Work experience is unique. However, we typically arrange a program that can be completed in 8-12 sessions. This range only works IF you are truly showing up to the work and are following through with your independent soul “home”work between sessions.

How much does One to One Soul Work cost?

Soul Work sessions are $250 per session, with a commitment of 8 sessions minimum. Therapy sessions are $200 per session with no minimum.  Occasionally, we have scholarship and sliding scale openings available.