One-on-One Soul Work

Soul Work is the art and act of understanding, healing, and releasing anything that once served us, but no longer does. Transforming us at a cellular level, Soul Work converts stored negative energy into a space for preserving beauty and positive potential. One-on-One Soul Work is designed to be creative, immersive and inspiring, leading to sustainable change and growth.

While everyone’s Soul Work journey (and goals) is as unique as the path that led her to knock on Soul Work’s door, common goals include:

  • Reducing procrastination
  • Increasing social confidence and social network
  • Goal setting/getting
  • Increasing success in dating
  • Cultivating and integrating happiness practices
  • Identifying purpose
  • Completing life/career transitions

One-on-one Soul Work is guided by Life Lab Founder and licensed psychotherapist, Tristan Coopersmith. SoulWork differs from therapy (which is also available from Tristan) in that it is time limited and concentrated to one area of focus. Typically Soul Work includes 6-8 sessions with the first session being an exploration into the goal desired, and the remaining sessions being the work to achieve said goal. To inquire or schedule an appointment for one-on-one soul work, please contact Tristan.