In this creative course, you will:

- Learn all about Reiki Energy, Energy Healing, The Subtle Body & Human Energy Field including: history, techniques & the science of energy

- Receive two Reiki Attunements

- Establish your team of guides, angels, and helpers

- Learn techniques for Grounding, Shielding, and Connecting your Energy Source

- Create Reiki-Infused pieces of art to bring Reiki Energy in your life in a tangible way

- Learn how to incorporate Reiki into your everyday life or your profession

- Give Reiki Healing to yourself and your classmate


"Reiki I and II with Lizzie was one of the most transformational and empowering spiritual experiences that I've had. I've always wanted to learn a way to help me better understand myself and others, and for me this was a perfect next step on my journey. Lizzie emanates such a magical, open and powerful vibe and I feel honored to have her as my teacher!"

When you are done, you will be able to:

- Give Reiki healing to yourself and others

- Assess the energy of a place, person, or thing

- Activate, infuse, and use reiki in your life and job

- Use your new skills to assess how to approach issues in your life

- Begin a Reiki practice or incorporate Reiki into your job

- Move on to Advanced Reiki Training and then Reiki Master-Teacher  Certification


REIKI III: Advanced Healership

In this 2-day advanced Reiki Training, you will dive into new concepts and techniques to add to your practice to take your healing to the next level, whether you practice with clients, or are on your own healing journey. We will explore our interaction with the energy field and chakras, explore the dimensions of our world, and learn about different modalities and how they intersect with Reiki. Bring your crystals, your journal and an open heart. Prerequisite: Reiki 1+2.

After Reiki III, you will have new tools to use in your healing sessions, new food for thought in your own spiritual and personal development and more confidence in your healership.

"Being led on a journey with Lizzie as Reiki master was purely divine. Lizzie's approach to teaching is as respectful and responsible to the material as it is inspiring, healing and even fun. Lizzie's natural ability to create a safe space allowed this training to be so much more than an awakening to the power of Reiki, but also an awakening of self and spirit!" 


Reiki III: July 21 & 22