Jodie Jaimes, Spiritual/Self Love Guide


Jodie Jaimes British born yet currently sharing her medicine on the SoCal coast, is a global ambassador for love and guiding light for women seeking to feel free, feminine and fearless on the path of rediscovering their true purpose.

Through her own courageous journey of navigating disconnection, divorce and daddy issues to embracing and embodying her wealth of feminine wisdom, natural healing abilities and her passion to creatively explore her path as a global intuitive yogini, poetess, soul artist and modern day medicine woman allows JJ to create and hold deeply nurturing spaces through her sacred sister circles, ceremonies, playshops and pilgrimages offering women the opportunity to take the heaviness out of healing past and present toxic relationships and invites fresh and playful practices to support and empower her sisters to trust their intuition, love and nurture their body and courageously create the life their soul truly desires.

She has lived in and travelled through some of the most wild, exotic and magical places on earth, from South Africa to Mexico to Bali and all the spaces in between yet the most powerful journey she ever took was from the head to the heart to the soul.

Kathryn Seiberlich