Norma Rubio, Meditation Guide


Through a long-winding journey Norma has landed upon her true calling; sharing the practices of mindfulness and meditation. At her core, Norma has always longed to deepen her own experiences through meditation. Through her training in UCLA's Mindfulness Facilitation and Intensive Practice (2016) Programs, she evolved into a meditation teacher and guide. Norma has also been trained in the Mindful School's curriculum. Her greatest intention is to cultivate a safe and authentic environment for others to become closer to who they really are through the practice of meditation. She believes we all have the wisdom inside ourselves to heal and become more at ease in our busy lives. Throughout her demanding career as a tv producer/writer in news and entertainment, she discovered great freedom through meditation. She is honored to be sharing her love for it with the Life Lab community. Learn more about Norma at: 

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