Kara Looney, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

kara looney

Developing a yoga practice has been transformational for Kara.  A martial arts instructor, long distance runner, snowboarder, skier, distance swimmer, “you name it she did/does it” type of person.  Overtime, Kara found herself full of injuries and a growing list of physical limitations, that initially lead her to start a yoga practice.  At first, the practice was intended to supplement the fitness regimen she already had.  As she continued with the practice, she found that her love for yoga had overpowered her interest in all else and heled to reframe her mind into a new paradigm for fitness.  A paradigm that incorporated balance, self-love and divine connection.  Not only has yoga helped to heal and transform her physical body, but it has ushered in a new method to manage stress, cultivated a more balanced world view, a deeper connection to her spirit and an ability to connect with others in a way that she would never have been able to find without this ancient, sacred science.  As a teacher and entrepreneur, it is her desire to help others find the healing powers of yoga in a way that resonates with them.  Kara is a 220/h KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, 200/h RYT Certified Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Project Manager and Founder/CEO Yogasm.com, a unique webservice designed to help people find yoga styles and teachers that suit their preferences, to demystify and remove the intimidation of developing and expanding one’s yoga practice.

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