Life Lab is an amazing place to find your tribe. Strong women surround you and you truly feel like you are in a community of women warriors. It’s inspiring and it’s a great place to learn, grow, and be your authentic self.

~ Gina King, Teacher and Teen Self-Love Warrior


Oh Life Lab….I love you so and can’t wait to come back again and again. The Dream Catcher class with Kyla was just what my soul needed and I’m so excited to have made it for my little loves to protect their dreams while they sleep. Feeling very grateful for Tristan Coopersmith for creating such a magical space.

~ Bobbi Jean Barshay


If you are in search of connection, inspiration, and positive energy… then put Life Lab into your GPS and go. Like, right now. In all seriousness, this place is pure magic. It is evident the moment you walk into the door that Tristan has poured all her love into creating a space where people can come and be their authentic selves, all while meeting others who are on the same path. The classes and experiences are strategically curated so no matter where you on your life journey…there’s something for everyone. The teachers are experts in their field and their passion for sharing and helping others is infectious! I spent 6-weeks in a Heart Centered Entrepreneurship Workshop with Jenn Chrisman and it has taken my business to the next level. I’m so grateful that Life Lab exists, and the continued impact it has on my life!

~ Amanda Gray, Founder of Sweat and Flow


The most uplifting and beautiful space. Tristan is a true Goddess. thank you so much for your continued Love and Light.

~ Jacquelin Clemente, Co-Founder Luminous Alignment


Life Lab has an energy that radiates and inspires. It’s a place of warmth and love where you are free to be and become your true self. If you value happiness, wellness and awareness, this is your new home!

~ Laura Dahl


Had an absolutely magical, meditative, soul nourishing morning vision boarding at Life Lab. Thank you so much for your awesomeness Tristan…  I can’t wait to come back for another class!!!

~ Beth Griffin


I found this place in Hermosa called Life Lab, created by the beautiful Tristan Coopersmith where I can feel inspired, get to discover this unique Californian spirit of good & love which warms up my soul every time I feel homesick...because friendship is everywhere behind each smile.

~ Marie Ravel


Life Lab is my new favorite place to be…I love arts & crafts time!

~ Lizzie Rose, Moon Sisters Guide


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