Looking for inspiring, empowering activities for your Tween girl?

We've got her covered!


Here's what we know about Tween girls...

1. They know a lot, but know they don't know everything (seriously!) They want guidance (seriously!)

2. They rely on faith. They need to know it's all going to be ok because so often it feels like it won't be.

3. They constantly measure and question their worth against their peers and siblings.

4. They are trying on different identities practically weekly. Experimentation is a part of their growth.

5. They are sensitive. They seek approval. They want to fit in.

6. They get overwhelmed by what they are exposed to in the media and at school.

7. Their brains are in their 2nd massive growth spurt... not to mention their bodies are changing literally overnight.

8. They are AMAZING! Filled with creativity, inventive thoughts and so much potential. They flourish when their ideas, dreams and beliefs are invested in.

At the Lab, we are all about self-love, self-image and self-growth for girls and women of all ages! Through our mindful growth model of combining meditation, creativity, and thoughtful conversations (along with so many laughs!), every girl who experiences the Lab leaves feeling more aware, connected and loving of herself. Not to mention, she has a ton of fun and maybe will even meet some cool, new girls!

Whereas no two Tween experiences are the same, they all are rooted in our three tenets: SELF-AWARENESS, SELF-GROWTH AND SELF-LOVE. 


Tween Offerings:

3 hour Tween Mini Retreats (select Saturdays)

Birthday Parties (and 1/2 Birthday Parties too!)

Graduation  Parties

Team Bonding Parties

Just Because Parties


Sign up for our upcoming Tween Mini Retreat, or contact us to plan your customized Tween event!


Upcoming Tween Events:

Tween Girl Mini Retreat

Saturday, April 28, 2018   10:00am - 1:00pm
Guided by Tristan Coopersmith

$75, including all materials and snacks.