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Spirit Sessions

In this monthly Women's Circle, guided by Life Lab Founder, Tristan Coopersmith, we explore a concept that has either the power to interrupt or propel our lives. In this sacred circle, we will reflect, write, discuss and ritualize to create an exploratory shift that will ignite your spirit, moving you towards your divinity and a vibe raised to its highest!

90 Minutes. $30. Please bring a journal!



Each month, a new theme is presented by which we will explore the unique power of associated crystals and how to use them in your everyday life to AMP IT UP! We will leverage the magic in crystals to release what no longer serves us and set intentions for the month. Not only will you get to soak up all of the knowledge of the month's featured crystals... you will get to take one home to add to (or to begin) your collection!

90 Minutes. $30, includes crystal to take home.

Tarot Wisdom

Join us on a monthly journey of empowerment . We will explore the personal truths that define us, that make us unique, and the same. We will face some of the most important life questions together. 

  • What do I really want? 
  • What am I really afraid of? 
  • How do I own my personal power? 
  • How do I make a difference?

Tarot is a tool for unlocking the subconscious mind and bringing thoughts and feelings into conscious awareness by identifying with the symbols in the Tarot cards. Tarot cards let us know where we are, and what there is to do. The power of this gets stronger with intention. Energy collects, and attracts itself to what it is a match for. 

Each month, Spiritual Guide, Mischel Peterson, will lead this group Tarot read. The cards will guide us in knowledge, and in conversation . All you need to do is show up with your life, and a willingness to take it on. Together, women create the power of magic!

1.5 hours. $25.



Every First Tuesday of the Month

This Women's Circle lead by Donna Flood meets every month (on every first Tuesday of the month) from 7:15pm - 9:00pm. You may join in for your first time anytime!

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is to truly KNOW yourself. Astrology is a wonderful way to shine a light on who you are. Where the stars were at the moment of your birth marks a blueprint of your Soul, highlighting your qualities, gifts, needs, lessons and purpose. In this women's circle, learn to how to use astrology as a tool to discover your innate qualities, emotional needs, Soul lessons and purpose.

Each month Donna will feature a different astrological topic (Sun signs, Moon signs, Solar Eclipse, Venus etc).

Everyone will get her personal natal chart printed and will learn how to begin to dissect it. Donna will bring a printed copy of your chart for your first time visiting this women's circle. Please bring your chart for future women's circles thereafter. At least 24-hours prior to the start of the class, send your exact birth date, exact time of birth, and the city/state/country you were born in to:  donna@unwrapyoursoul.com so that your chart may be drawn. However, your birth date and time only will suffice for this class if that is the only information you have record of.

1 hour and 45 minutes. $30.


New Moon Manifesting

Every Month During the New Moon

The new moon is a powerful time to manifest what you want. In a supportive environment, take stock of where you are right now, release what is no longer serving you, and get clear on what you want to call in. Refine the language and self-talk around your intentions, and learn how to manifest quickly and efficiently. Are you ready to call in something magnificent this month? We’ll start magnetizing exactly what you want and need during this enlightening, empowering women's circle.

90 Minutes. $25.


Oracle Card Readings

Learn the basics of Oracle Card Reading with Lizzie Rose. You’ll give a reading and get a reading during this monthly women's circle. Bring your own Oracle Deck if you have one, and a pendulum too. There will be extras provided, so don’t worry — the only thing you need to bring is YOU. You’ll leave knowing how to use an oracle deck, and be ready to give readings to everyone you know!

90 Minutes. $25.