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Whine & Wine... Parenting Class

This workshop is all about exploring the nature of whining kids! In doing so, we will step into their shoes to experience feelings and needs from their perspective while acknowledging the feeling and needs that arise in us.

In this interactive workshop, experiences will be shared, tools and strategies discussed and solutions will be discovered through role-play. As the workshop “whines down”, you are invited to “wine down”, reflect, create, and share.

2 hours, $45



Nutrition Strategies To Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Chronic Overwhelm

Life is stressful! There's no arguing that... but we can impact how we manage stress... how we contribute to elevating or reducing it. One of the most powerful and effective ways we can manage anxiety is through FOOD! In this class, learn how food can keep you in that anxious and sometimes irritable state or how it can help you feel calm, cool, collected and in control.  Walk away with nutrition strategies and a plan to implement into your own life to start curbing the stress and overwhelm so that you can live the life you want and deserve!

2 hours, $40.


Reiki I and II - Attunement & Creative Certification Course

Reiki is one of the most commonly known and used modalities of energy healing and there’s a reason for that. Anyone can learn and practice it. The only prerequisites are a desire or curiosity to learn and an openness to see things from a new perspective. In this creative course, you will

  • Learn all about Reiki Energy, Energy Healing, The Subtle Body & Human Energy Field including: history, techniques & the science of energy
  • Create Reiki-Infused pieces of art to bring Reiki Energy into your life in a tangible way
  • Receive two Reiki Attunements
  • Give Reiki Healing to yourself and your classmates
  • Establish your team of guides, angels, and helpers
  • Learn techniques for Grounding, Shielding, and Connecting your Energy Source
  • Learn how to incorporate Reiki into your everyday life or your profession

When we’re done, you will be able to:

  • Give Reiki healing to yourself and others
  • Assess the energy of a place, person, or thing
  • Activate, infuse, and use reiki in your life and job
  • Move on to Advanced Reiki Training and then Reiki Master-Teacher Certification
  • Use your new skills to assess how to approach issues in your life
  • Begin a Reiki practice or incorporate Reiki into your job

2 days. 11 hours total. $350.

Early Bird Special for $325.


  • Reiki I and II with Lizzie was one of the most transformational and empowering spiritual experiences that I’ve had. I’ve always wanted to learn a way to help me better understand myself and others, and for me this was a perfect next step on my journey. Lizzie emanates such a magical, open and powerful vibe and I feel honored to have her as my teacher!
  • Being led on a journey with Lizzie as Reiki Master was purely divine. Lizzie’s approach to teaching is as respectful and responsible to the material as it is inspiring, healing and even fun. Lizzie’s natural ability to create safe space allowed this training to be so much more than an awakening to the power of Reiki but also an awakening of self and spirit.

Reiki 3 - Advanced Reiki Training Course

In this advanced training, you will learn new concepts and techniques to add to your practice which can take your healing to the next level. We will do some meditation and personal exploration, hands on healing,  and we will add in some special tools and techniques to deeply explore the energy field. Bring your crystals and an open heart.

Prerequisites: Reiki 1 & 2.

1 Day. $350.

Early Bird Special for $325 Available until August 30, 2017.

Intro to Mindfulness

Mindfulness. It has been the buzzword of the year! But what exactly is the practice of Mindfulness…and more importantly, why and how do you do it? In this class, you will learn the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of mindful living, as well as receive hand/heart on training in mindfulness through various techniques that teach you how to center and ground yourself in an overall effort to create more calm and clarity within.

90 minutes.

This class has passed. If you are interested in taking it, please email to let us know and we will do our best to schedule it again!

JOY: Cultivating Sustainable Happiness (1-Day Intensive)

Pure and simple, happiness is our birthright. Entering this the world with wide eyes and a hunger for all life has to offer, we explore life with an unmatched zest and curiosity. Along the way, our inner joy gets buried under a mountain of seemingly unshakeable stress, worry and fear. To us at Life Lab, that’s just not living at all… and we know that an unhappy journey is not your destiny. So join us in this deep dive as we discover the undeniable power of emotional, physical and spiritual happiness and learn how to harness the 8 Pillars of Happiness to create an intentional and joy-filled life!

Prepare to engage in food, music, art, thought provoking reflection/discussion/assignments…and even a couple of “field trips”!!

Specific topics include:

  1. Creating a self-concept of happiness
  2. Identifying personal and cultural blocks to joy
  3. The importance of play and rest
  4. Managing stress with mindfulness and hope
  5. Learning the art/practice of giving and gratitude
  6. Embracing struggle with acceptance, purpose and faith
  7. Navigating your journey with rosier-colored glasses

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” — Dalai Lama

8 hours. $200. Space Limit: 8 people


Tween Girl Mini Retreat

Girls unite! In this 3-hour daytime retreat, we will ignite the awesome uniqueness in each girl! Combining meditation, creativity and thoughtful conversations, each will walk away feeling more connected to and loving of self. Not to mention, she will have a ton of fun and maybe even meet some cool, new girls!

  • Each retreat includes a curriculum rooted in three tenets: SELF-IMAGE, SELF-LOVE AND SELF GROWTH. Here is a sample curriculum, but no two retreats are the same!:
    • Self-image: Through building 3D vision boards, each girl will learn to appreciate, accept and love her unique spirit.

    • Self-love: Combining journal making with curated writing/drawing prompts, the girls will begin to honor and celebrate self!

    • Self-awareness: Leveraging a powerful visualization meditation to identify personal values, the girls will begin to learn and to proudly own what uniquely matters to them!

Activities appropriate for 9-12 year olds. Includes healthy snacks.

3 hours. $75.

Cultivating Conscious Relationships

Put a spin on date night by joining licensed couples therapists, Brian Mattson and Vanessa Cain, to explore ways to foster a heart-centered connection with your partner. In this three-hour workshop, beginning with a heart-centered meditation, you will learn practical skills to communicate effectively, resolve conflict in a way that strengthens the relationship, as well as have an opportunity for Q&A. You will leave feeling empowered in your relationship to choose to be the partners that you both desire. Experience is limited to 6 couples. Includes appetizers and vino!

3 hours. $120/couple.

Raising Emotionally Resilient Kids (4 Week Series)

In this immersive 4-week series, we explore the challenges and paths to developing children who can handle life's challenges. Learn how to prepare your children for their lives ahead by instilling resilience, courage, independence, confidence, self awareness and love, as well as creative and flexible thinking. Each week we will explore a new topic, all of which together will foster skills such as: emotional regulation, problem solving, distress tolerance, adaptability, distress tolerance, acceptance of impermanence and delayed gratification. 

2 hours/week. $240.

Week 1

  • Identifying blocks to being a BRAVE parent.
  • Delving into our own, our children's and our shared emotional experience. Learning the power of letting go for both our children and ourselves.
  • Shifting from fear based parenting to compassionate, trusting, curious parenting.

Week 2

  • Teaching responsibility and accountability with effective consequences. Enforcing healthy boundaries.
  • Creating cause-and-effect parenting. 

Week 3

  • Increasing awareness of our own feelings.
  • Harnessing the power of mindfulness. 
  • Developing deep listening skills.

Week 4

  • Learning the difference between being present and interfering.
  • Developing healthy compassion and compassionate detachment.
  • Embracing "failure" and risk taking.


Leveraging Fear

Fear is one of the, well, most feared 4-letter words. But the truth is, without fear, there is no triumph. True pride and accomplishment is dependent on at least a smidgen of fear. In this class we are going to turn fear upside down, learning how to leverage this UBER powerful emotion for good, allowing us to live in, through and out of fear to get to where we want to go!

2 hours. $40.



Radical Acceptance: Ignite a Radiant Self-Image (3 Week Series)

Learn how to transform your relationship with your body from a self-defeating struggle to an experience of body acceptance and enjoyment. Through this THREE-part weekly experiential series, complete with meditation and creative exercises, you will discover how to treat your body with the love and kindness it wholeheartedly deserves.

2 hours/week. $120.

Week 1

  • What is body image and what causes a body image problem? Explore your personal body image history and the influence of media on your perception of your body. What maintains body image challenges? Learn the concept of ‘Thought Fusion’ and identify your ‘Top Ten hits’

Week 2

  •  Building a new attitude toward yourself. Discover how to transform privately held beliefs and assumptions.

Week 3

  • Being more compassionate with self. Name your inner critic and learn how to cultivate a new mindful inner voice.